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Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation


Executive and Leadership Coaching



About the Center

The Center for Greater Good Leadership provides specialized leadership and organizational development services, utilizing the wisdom of the western and eastern world.

Its purpose is to serve and empower the leaders and organizations who wish to contribute to the greater good.

We work with you online and offline, indoors and outdoors. English and German are our main working languages – for other languages, please ask.

The Sword and the Leaf

The sword stands for straightforwardness, decisiveness and assertiveness. Raised upwards vertically, it also stands for the connection to the universe, to a higher source of guidance.

The leaf of the Pilea is representative of nature and the earth. Their leaf veins, which converge into a central, bright point, stand for the connection of all life.

Why and how we serve YOU

Our planet urgently needs more leaders, companies and organisations with the greater good in mind. So as to stop doing harm, or even alleviate the world’s most pressing social or environmental issues. Fortunately, quite a few are accepting the challenge already, striving to do their part.


For many of them it is a constant uphill struggle though. Knowledge, good intentions and even clear decisions are often not enough. Internal and/or external barriers can  be very persistent obstacles. And when employing conventional coaching and organizational development services, it can be a frustrating experience: The very specific goals, concerns and desires of those of us with attention to the planet’s needs are often not addressed adequately.


At the Center for Greater Good Leadership, we are committed to serve our clients by leveraging the wisdom and power of their higher knowing, their values and their intuitive perception and creativity. We understand inside-out our clients’ motivation to contribute to the greater good – because we ourselves feel that same calling, too. Our work is based on the conviction that success, even in financial terms, is fully compatible with respect for people and our planet.

Does this resonate with you?

In our work, we are not narrowly focused on what seems to be “the problem” – just to pick and offer a standardized solution from the shelf. Instead, we include the whole system and the whole person – which means we go beyond transactional procedures and incentives, and beyond the rational mind. We look into your world from a bigger systems perspective, and encourage action from that perspective. Your awareness, insights, options and possibilities then increase dramatically. Nonetheless, choosing the way forward does not become more complicated as a result (no matter whether you are a group or an individual): By connecting you to your deeper intelligences and intuition, and by integrating that with your conscious awareness, you recognize your best next steps in the right direction, making endless internal debate unnecessary.


Through our assessments, coaching and workshops, we enable you to zero in on the critical few elements you need to focus on, reducing complexity.

Our work is practical and simple, and yet powerful and transformational.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall

Organizational Transformation

Social and environmental responsibility are at the core of your company, institution or organizational unit – or at least ranking high on your agenda. And to make it happen you would like to see more internal alignment, motivation and engagement? Let’s bring wind into your sails!

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Please ask us about:

– Cultural assessments and strategy

– Team workshops 

– Leadership coaching

– Conflict resolution

– Inspiration

Executive and Leadership Coaching

 You have a subtle or even strong inner calling to “change the world”. However, something is distracting you, or seems to be standing in your way? Let’s get you moving ahead with joy, clarity and determination, to accomplish your personal mission!

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Some examples of what you could achieve are:

– Profound insights into your leadership

– Access to all your intelligences

– The removal of internal barriers

– Wiser decision-making

– Greater ease in collaborating with peers and stakeholders


Are you a like-minded professional, caring deeply about the future of our planet? No matter what your work is – there might be opportunities to join forces: Connection, co-creation and collaboration are fundamental to boosting our positive impact!

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How about:

– (Multi-disciplinary) projects

– Networking and exchange

– Linking / affiliation

– Making the impossible possible

– Or, what are YOU up for?

Values and Vision

The fundament of our work is:

Meeting our clients at the stage they are at right now, with great respect and unconditional positive regard.

Trust in our clients’ innate wisdom and infinite potential.

Commitment to the greater good.

We look forward to looking back one day! To recognize that we have contributed to a leadership paradigm shift. And to see that we have been of service to thousands of people and organisations worldwide, who are living their calling to create a better world – including some of the most impactful transformers and changemakers of our times.

About the founder

An unusual life dedicated to the greater good