Soul Mission | Life Vision

November 23 – 25, 2023

Activate your inner navigation and find your path in life 

Through a powerful process of intuitive connection, interactive exercises, meditation, and empowering steps, you will identify and clarify your soul mission or life purpose. From there you will gain clarity on how that purpose wants to be lived through a compelling life vision.

You will discover the direction and create the pathway that will bring you personal fulfillment as well as allow you to make significant contributions to those you serve.

By the end of the retreat, you will have taken your first steps on your pathway, charting your course towards a more fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding life for yourself and others.

For whom?

For anyone of you committed to making a difference in your life and for the people you serve


Three full days of deep discovery and enhanced self-awareness in an inspiring natural setting


The workshop was created by author, speaker and coach Alan Seale, and has been successfully taught worldwide for over 20 years

Early Bird Registration

Reduced participation fees until 30 September 2023

3 Days

Intensive Exploration

Workshop Content

Day 1 – 9.00 am 

By listening into the silence you build your self-awareness.

Multiple exercises that strengthen your ability to connect to your soul.

Day 2 – 9.00 am

Diving deeper into what is yours to do in this world.

Creating a Soul Mission statement in 6 words or less.

Day 3 – 9.00 am

Embodying your Soul Mission.

Creating an inspirational, hands-on, practical Live Vision that gives expression to your Soul Mission.

2 Master Facilitators


Katarina Cars, CTPC


Sander van Eekelen, CTPC



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Early bird price until
30 September 2023!

Full price afterwards:

The price is including drinks and snacks during the workshop days, and excluding main meals and lodging.

If the price for the workshop hampers your possibility to participate, please let us know and we will find a way.

Our cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation up to 30 September 2023: the program cost is refunded minus an administration fee of 90 €
  • Cancellation as of 01 October 2023: no program cost is refunded. You can always appoint someone else to take your place.
  • Cancellation later than 14 November 2023 may also affect the possibility of reimbursement for lodging & food


We have absolute trust that this workshop will be a profound and meaningful experience for you. If you are not satisfied after completion of the workshop, please come and speak to us, and we’ll reimburse your fee.


We will be hosted by the cosy and traditional Hotel & Restaurant Seeschloss in Lanke (about 45 min. drive from Berlin), which has been family-owned for more than 100 years.

If you are coming by public transport, let us know and we will advice and/or assist you with the transfer to and from the hotel.

We start the workshop with a joint dinner in the hotel as of 18:00 hrs on 22 November, to unwind from our travelling and get to know each other a little bit already. After three intense and inspiring days, we then end the workshop on 25 November at around 17:00 hrs.

Package options for lodging and food (you will pay your lodging and main meals directly to the hotel):

Option one (266,70€)

3 nights from 22 – 25 November in a single room, including breakfast and lunch

Option two (336,70€)

4 nights from 22 – 26 November in a single room, including breakfast and lunch on 23, 24, and 25 November, and only breakfast on 26 November
We recommend this option to have more time to relax in the hotel after the workshop and possibly enjoy the Sunday in the beautiful surroundings.

Dinners are always a la carte, which means you choose what and how much you would like to eat.

Let us know which option (one or two) you choose on the registration form here:

Facilitator biographies

Sander van Eekelen, CTPC (The Netherlands)
Sander is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator. His expertise focuses on wholeness in individuals, teams and organizations and creating conscious leadership in organizations. With a background as a social psychologist and more than 15 years of experience in profit and not-for-profit organizations in various advisory and managerial roles, he understands the art of really connecting with what is going on with people and teams.
To inspire and invite wholeness is his life’s purpose. This translates in his role as coach and facilitator to supporting and enabling people to become the most complete version of themselves in an attentive and playful way. His style is characterized as friendly, warm, transparent, sharp and curious.

Katarina Cars, CTPC (Sweden)
In 2012, Katarina took the major decision to leave her corporate career in Human Resources and start her own business. In that same year, she met Alan Seale – since then, Transformational Presence has become a way of living and the way Katarina approaches clients, customers, and any relationship with people.
Katarina has a degree in Human Resources and she has always been very curious about what we as humans bring to the world, and how our relationships to one another matter. During her corporate career, she worked globally in the life-sciences and telecom industries. At the same time, she also has a favorite place: on Utö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago.

This program is presented in partnership with the Center for Transformational Presence. The Transformational Presence approach and programs were created and developed by Alan Seale.