Wisdom in the Woods

An intimate, explorative day retreat for senior leaders. Connect to your wisdom and lead from your innermost self.

For individuals and small groups

Sometimes we need to retreat in order to emerge with force.

We are living in unprecedented times of change and uncertainty. As leaders, we cannot just block out what is happening in the outside world. It is already affecting us profoundly, both in our professional environment as well as in our inner experience. And yet we are required to provide direction, to know what’s right or wrong.

So how do we handle all the mess we are confronted with? How do we reconnect to that inner source which made us leaders in the first place, when starting our careers? That source that then gave us inner strength, ease with uncertainty, determination? Where we also connect to our inner-directness, the creativity of our soul, and our dignity?

Why is this retreat important?

Particularly in these trying and uncertain times, it is crucial for us as leaders to connect inwards, to that powerful deeper source of intelligence we all have, to our own wisdom. It can give direction to our overexerted minds – so that we can continue to provide direction also for others, with calmness and clarity.

This retreat provides several ways to access your innate wisdom, bringing it into a dialogue with your rational mind, for optimum decision-making. You readjust your inner compass, increase your energetic presence, and bring more focus into your actions – which can be a major shift for your leadership, your relationships, and your business.

What is it like?

The retreat is an opportunity for new experiences, and you are invited to give the day off to your drive to perform or achieve. Moreover, the retreat is an intimate encounter with an inspiring natural environment, with a very small group of other leaders, and with yourself.

We will alternate between walking, practicing, and being in stillness, in selected spots in the forest. Through Julia’s guidance, you will work profoundly on a concrete question, issue, or challenge you are currently facing, and discover answers to it from your own deep wisdom. 

The walking is easy for people with average fitness, and the retreat is beneficial in almost any weather. In case of heavy storm or heavy rainfall, we will postpone the retreat day to a previously agreed upon fallback option.

The retreat is framed by two 1-on-1 online coaching sessions with Julia, the founder of Greater Good Leadership.


What are the benefits of participating in this retreat? 

You will enjoy the inspiring and restorative properties of the forest, and soon calm down from all the noise of your daily life.

You access a larger field of knowing concerning your most important question(s) or challenge(s), and you get to the essence of what matters most in that context. You gain clarity and determination. And you will know what to focus on, and what your next step(s) will be.

In an experimental way, you discover useful and wise approaches to your challenges, your leadership, your work, and life in general. You experience how to deliberately access your own wisdom, so you can make use of it with intention even after the retreat, in all sorts of situations.

Who is this retreat for? 

– executives from the private sector (all industries)

– senior leaders from the public or not-for-profit sectors

– founders, business owners and senior partners

– those with normal physical fitness & openness for a non-strenuous outdoor experience

– those who would like to make use of their own deep wisdom, instead of only relying on information sourced from outside

What’s the setup? 

On the day of the retreat, we spend around 6 hours out in nature (in winter we take at least one indoor break in-between for warming up).

The setting will be intimate and confidential: max. 4 participants.

The two private online coaching sessions before and after the retreat (about 50 minutes each) will be done via phone or video call. 

The retreat usually takes place in a secluded forest around the German capital of Berlin, where the group has some privacy. Upon request of groups / organizations the facilitator can travel – please reach out to speak about options!

Who is facilitating the retreat? 

Julia Juergens
Julia Juergens

Founder of Greater Good Leadership


For a time, I struggled with the most essential decisions in my work and life. And like so many of us, I was well trained to sort and “figure things out” with my analytical mind. So I used to gather information painstakingly, reading, listening to experts, etc., in order to weight pro and contra arguments against each other and identify the “right” solution, for myself, or for those I lead or advised. Such hard work – and often with disappointing outcomes.

And then came the point that I broke free from that pattern. I learned to re-connect to my heart’s intuition and to my gut’s instincts, stopping the brain-racking, seeing the bigger picture, and what truly mattered. With that, I suddenly sensed a clear inner direction, and a strong resolve to act upon it. My analytical mind was indeed useful thereafter: to bring those intuitive insights into actionable steps.

Today it’s clear to me that if the complexity of an issue is far too great (and so often it is!), it can become impossible to sort things out with the rational mind alone. As Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Through my engagement with the work particularly of Alan Seale and Otto Scharmer, as well as a lot of research into our world’s ancient wisdom traditions, I learned to help others to connect and listen to that intuitive mind – in order to find access to their own wisdom. 

Hence, the body of my leadership work is about bringing analytical understanding, deep listening, intuitive sensing and determined action together. 

I am convinced that a better world for all living beings is possible when we get in touch with the energy of natural knowing. It can provide real, solid and powerful information.

More about me here.

When does it take place? 

Option 1: Friday, 17 February 2023 (in German)

Option 2: Saturday, 18 February 2023 (in English)

Option 3: Friday, 17 March 2023 (in English)

Option 4: Saturday, 18 March 2023 (in German)

How much does it cost? 

The participation fee includes:

– private pre-retreat coaching session

– a one-day leadership retreat in a beautiful forest, with coach Julia Juergens and max. 3 other participants, for optimal personal guidance

– private post-retreat coaching session

The regular participation fee per person is 880 Euros + VAT (`early bird´ discount of 10% applies for bookings made up to 8 weeks before the retreat date)

How to get on the list for one of the next retreats 

Meet Julia and find out more about the retreat

Schedule a free call with Julia here, or send an email to julia@greatergood-leadership.com


Be inspired – by your own clarity!